Paper Entry Guidelines

Abstracts should have a maximum of 250 words. Identify the paper’s keywords, separated by a semicolon, and include the name(s) and title(s) of the author(s), institutional affiliation(s) and official email address(es) at the bottom of the page. The abstracts should be sent to: or Notice of acceptance will be sent out not later than January 23-27, 2023.

The accepted papers will be categorized into six strands, namely:

  1. Simulation and Modelling
  2. Data Mining and Multivariate Methods
  3. Theory Development Methods
  4. Experiments and Technology Development
  5. Descriptive Quantitative Method
  6. Descriptive Qualitative Method

Those whose abstracts are accepted for paper presentation will be requested to submit the full paper in Word or PDF format and the Pre-recorded video presentation on or before January 30-February 10, 2023 following these guidelines:

  1. Maximum of 5,000 words (excluding tables, figures and references)
  2. APA Style of Referencing (7th edition)
  3. Typed in Times New Roman font 12, Double-spaced, one-inch margin on all sides, page numbers at the bottom center of each page
  4. Title, authors, institutional affiliation, email should be included in page 1
  5. Graphs, and visuals can be reproduced electronically.
  6. As much as possible, papers should be journal-ready i.e. no appendices, RRL (should already be incorporated in the introduction), title and cover pages.

Authors of accepted papers in each strand should submit a 7-10 minute pre-recorded video presentation of their paper/s to the secretariat on or before the specified deadline.

Presentation Guidelines

The organizers of the conference will present the submitted pre-recorded video presentation of the proponents during the parallel session. After 5 presentations, Q&A will be done.  

In case of technical glitches on the part of the organizers, presenters are advised to be ready in presenting their pre-recorded video to reduce downtime.

For papers with multiple authors, only one author is allowed to answer during the Q&A. However, as long as the co-author(s) have registered and attended the conference, they will still be provided the certificate/s of presentation.

Registration Guidelines

Contenders’ affiliation as reflected in their certificates will be based on the institution, they have identified within their respective paper submissions. Contenders who are registering under the student category should present to the secretariat during the conference their valid student identification cards or study load / certificate of registration as proof. Note that the student registration category is not limited to undergraduates. Note also, that there is no separate category for students during the parallel sessions i.e. students and professionals battle it out in the same field.

Note: Presenters and participants should register thru this link after the letter acceptance of abstracts may confirmed. See link attached on the Notice of Acceptance.